Dr. Linda Smith SWA Glass Artist/Scientist

Glass Artist/Scientist

2013 - 2015

Lennie 'Teapot' West

Light box with enamelled and sandblasted with 23 ct gold leaf

Welcome Home Daddy

Enamelled glass

Lady of the Delta

Enamelled glass with gold lustre

Hand in Hand

Enamelled glass


Light box with enamelled and sandblasted glass


Enamelled glass

Wish You Were Here

Enamelled glass


Enamelled and sandblasted glass

Contemplation of the Self

Enamelled and sandblasted glass with 23 ct gold leaf

Rosabelle's Golden Pebble

Enamelled glass with 23 ct gold leaf and gold lustre

Aung Sen Suu Kyi

Leaded enamelled and sandblasted glass

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